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BOMS, Hong Kong street artist, graffiti writer, and bboy. His early creation focused on acrylic and canvas painting, until his interest started to grow on street dancing in 2008 and became deeply influenced by hip-hop culture. He devoted himself to mural creation since he had his first taste of graffiti in 2014. Hong Kong local stories are a common theme among his creations. By

transforming feelings and emotions into imaginary characters and words, each character that

drops from his brush is no less a human than anyone of us. Welcome to Boms wonderland.


BOMS, 香港本土街頭創作者,塗鴉寫手,街舞者。早期創作主要為塑膠彩和畫布,自2008年開始接觸街舞,深受嘻哈文化影響,直至2014年接觸塗鴉,並從此專注於壁畫創作。畫作題材主要源自香港本土大小事,喜愛將身邊感受、情緒等轉化為角色以及文字,深信著每一個角色都擁有自己意志,並慢慢建立一個Boms的奇想世界。

I:  As you know INTERCCEPT is plastic vinyl toy and art piece design company. Do you have any experience to collect toys Before?

B: I do collect some vintage toys especially figurine, some urban vinyl product related to mainstream pop culture, as well as some Blank steel cast toy. I love this kind of blank design toy. you can see I got a Truck, Train, as well as patrol car style. so we can draw anything we want on the steel case model car. Also, it does not break the law. It is totally fit for the writer likes us.

 I: 如你認知INTERCCEPT是一家製作軟膠玩具及軟膠為創作藝術品的設計公司,那你本人有收藏玩具的習慣嗎?

B: 我有收藏一些復古玩具,特別是一些figurine,以及一些比較主流的潮流搪膠玩具。除此之外,我亦同時收藏一些全白的合金玩具。我特別喜歡這種沒上色的玩具。因為你可以從這些合金火車,貨車, 以及連警車都可以隨你在上面塗。重點是這些都不會涉及犯罪。這​根本就是為我們塗鴉藝術家而設。    

​I:  So what kind of element you would like to put it into this Sofubi project?

B: First, I was so surprised to receive an invite from the team INTERCCEPT. They deliver the message to me clearly about what they want to merge my own idea with their concept at the preliminary design stage. The clear message is put the Japanese decoration truck and HONG KONG local truck style together. And INTERCCEPT also looking for enough spacing of cargo design as they were pointing out the surface of cargo could be the space for the artist to perform their work likes canvas, wall, or even paper. That really makes sense to me as a writer. And personally, I think I will emphasis the muscle line of the body in order to perform how violent is Truck Kaiju on the road. On the design, I will prefer to put as many as small accessories for decorating the truck. As you can see those decoration truck have installed many chromed parts, for instance, likes LED bulb chain, chromed side mirrors, front grille, etc. Hopefully, the finished goods could go through the electroplating process and I am really excited about that.

​ I:  那在這個SOFUBI企劃你在設計上加入了什麼元素?

B: 首先,我對INTERCCEPT團隊這次的邀請真的十分驚喜。在早期設計上,他們亦十分清晰地帶出他們想要的基本概念融入到我的提案上。 就是要把日本貨車改裝文化與香港本土貨車文化結合。同時INTERCCEPT追求特別在貨櫃設計上需預留有足夠的表面空間.因為這個位置可以讓藝術家們把它當作如畫布,牆身及紙張一樣在上面創作。而對於塗鴉藝術家而言,這的確是通情達意的。但個人而言,我會在設計上將怪獸的暴力情感以及其肢體的肌肉感以更強烈的線條帶出來給觀眾。 同時我也會刻意在主體設計上增加多一點貨車配件。因為在日本貨車改裝文化上。你會看到他們很喜歡用上一些電鍍配件。例如LED燈串,電鍍側鏡,以及車頭的鬼面罩等.我也希望成品到時候亦能利用電鍍過程去實現這感覺。單是想也興奮了。

I: That's interesting. So when we can able see the actual work or even prototype?

B: INTERCCEPT and I will bring the first prototype to Japan for joining the global art show. Debut on the weekend (3rd to 4th Aug) of Design Festa Summer 2019 in Tokyo. We will see the feedback from Tokyo.


B:我與INTERCCEPT團隊將會帶同手辦參加日本的國際藝術展.由8月3到4號會首現在DESIGN FESTA SUMMER 2019的展覽上。到時候便可從其他國家的參展商上了解更多不同的意見。




When we first met BOMS was in a flea market event in last summer. All of our crews were so attracted by the graffiti wall inside the venue. Then, we found out the graffiti was painted by BOMS. After He shows us how he loves to create the work and share the message behind his work to the people. We were also impressed with some of his works from the past. He is a chinese calligraphy's lover. He love to put Chinese word, slang, and vocab into his creations.

第一次遇見 BOMS時是在一個上年舉辦的一個市集活動內。我們團​隊一直被場內一幅塗鴉所吸引.我們相繼亦找到這幅作品的主人。BOMS.BOMS向我們展示了他是如何喜愛創作同時分享作品背後箇中意思.同時,我們亦對他較早前的作品而喜出望外。從他過往作品當中,我們充分感受到BOMS是十分偏愛將一些中文字, 俚語.​生活化的生詞套用在作品當中。

One of the element of BOMS' works is the HONG KONG local Culture. It is including some local fairy tales, objects and street signs. But for us, the most attractive works he did is the paint of the Hong Kong local truck. Whole graphic is surrounded by his signature calligraphy with the meaning of such a expression of anger during driving on the road.


We are really interested in BOMS's painting style and the truck he has created, The anger and violent format of his works are quite suitable us to create a KAIJU project. We are therefore bold to invite BOMS to work with us for a SOFUBI Art design project.


But before we get in the Sofubi project section. We would like to know more why BOMS come up with the idea of truck related illustration.


但在我們進入此 ソフビ項目討論之前,我們亦想從BOMS身上了​解更多當初這個貨車概念是如何萌生.

​I:  Why you created this Truck related painting?

B: I used to be worked at a logistic company and i spend most of my time with company's truck every day. The picture was just popped up in my mind in one day during we were in a horrible traffic jam. Generally. the driving behavior of most of Hong Kong professional    driver are selfish, arrogant as well as aggressive. so i start to draw some Chinese calligraphy on my note book to describe their driving style. then i turn it back to the canvas once i back to my studio.

 I: 為何當初創作了此幅貨車畫作?

B: 我原本是於一家物流公司工作,所以同時我每天也是花最多時間     在公司的貨車上。這畫作的構思由來正正因為某天我在道路上遇     上 非常擠塞的一天。正正看著他們那種不遑多讓的駕駛態度。同     時對於一般香港職業司機而言,他們的駕 駛態度都是自私,傲慢     ,但亦同時非常進取。所以我便以中國晝法風格在我的記事薄上寫下能夠完全盡然他們駕駛風格的語句並當我回到個人工作室時把他 繪畫在帆布畫上。



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