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We provide several services for vinyl toy development and production to our clients in order to fulfil what's the client want. and targeting to save time and cost for them in procurement. Especially for those "one-man" team artist. 

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Concept Design

to Execution

Our engineer team gives the client the best options during consult stage. Talks to give you a confidence boost no matter from design and product releases.

A client can just choose the service in demand from Sculpting3D printing service, Wax modelling, mould casting, and of course the final production.

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From Traditional

To Modern



Our production site located in Guangdong China possesses 4 sets of regular size of roto-cast vinyl machine units and 1 mega size machine which is for producing a mega size vinyl product. This is the X-factor to drive every "toyholic" crazy and fulfil their dream for producing their vinyl product in such mega size.

Additionally, we do keep the traditional way to produce the soft vinyl product (Sofubi) by using the slush casting method.


From Material Sourcing Support To Quality Control

In some case, the client may always desire more than what they are capable of. Especially to those indie artists, the client might want to step further to make the project to be more completed. However, manpower always counted on one of the elements of running a project.


Our team have over 15 years of experience on material sourcing and filtering in the South China area.

We hope we could be your help on sourcing different kind of material supply in competitive price and high-quality standard. 

Last but not least, we worry about what the client is worrying. We focus the controllability on every step during production in order to ensure our product can meet the quality requirement from the client.


Additional Service

Imagine client have been tasked with planning a finished goods release by the scheduled launching date for public. Client might concern about painting, finishingpackaging material preparing as well as logistic. One stop service experience is where's the client looking for one contact from a reliable vendor for everything they need. That contact is the person who then speaks to everyone else on the supplier lists to fulfill the task accordingly.

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